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20 февраля 2019

Hello, dear Guest! My name is Yutta. I’m a licensed guide of Saint Petersburg since 2007. I was born here in 1984 and my entire life is inseparably connected with this fabulous city, as well, as the life of my parents and grandparents. I’m delighted to call Saint Petersburg my native city! Here I graduated...

20 февраля 2019

Hello my dear future guests! My name is Nataly and I’m a tour-guide in Saint Petersburg. I have been working as a guide since the past 8 years. I love and admire my city and it’s surrounding areas so much that the work of taking visitors around feels effortless. I love to share this feeling...
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С 24 по 26 мая автобус Сити Тура будет останавливаться на углу Невского и площади Островского.
26 мая возможны значительные изменения маршрута в связи с мероприятиями в честь дня города.

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